Friday, November 11, 2011

Invasion by Jon S. Lewis

Invasion, a book by Jon S. Lewis is a book designed for escapism. Sure, it’s young adult fiction, but who doesn’t like a smooth and easy read here and there? The back of the book tells us some of the story, so it’s no spoiler, but certainly lets you know what you’re about to read. Colt is a sixteen year-old who just lost his parents in an accident, and is now living with his Grandfather. However, he has discovered that his parent’s accident was, in fact, no accident, Colt begins a search to finding out the real reason for their death. What he discovers is a world of Shape-shifting lizard people, flying helicopters, and aliens. Those are just small fries compared to the secret mind-control program happening at one of the world largest biotech companies.

Colt, along with his friends Oz and Dani, make for likeable characters. Oz’s confidence borders on cocky, but it’s light-weight, and he never uses it at the expense of his friends. Danielle (Dani) is a whiz with the computers who happens to be a long-time friend of Colt, and does a good job of looking out for him.

The themes of friendship, dedication, sacrifice, and heroism are explored and while some positive points are made, there is enough left open for some discussion. As it turns out, that’s what Lewis must have had in mind, because in the back is a discussion guide for any teenagers who read it. Out of curiosity, I went to and discovered more resources that allow this book to be used for teaching purposes. I enjoyed the Bible Study element to it, being a Youth Minister, and am glad to see that imagination is still alive, and fun books don’t have to involve inappropriate romances between teenagers and vampires or werewolves. I’m looking forward to reading the next book, and give my full recommendation for anyone interested.

In full disclosure, I received a complimentary copy of this book from, but all the opinions here are of my own accord, and not influenced by anyone else.

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